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About this Site
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If you're visiting this page, you are probably either wondering who I am, or possibly what could drive a person to build a site like this. It's simple. I love the taste and artistry that is known as coffee and espresso. And I love building this website.

I'm not a coffee junkie, and in all honesty, I'm offended when that label is placed on me. Truth be told, I have the equivelant caffeine hit of maybe 2 or 3 cups of instant coffee, per day. But I don't drink instant coffee. I drink espresso (a low caffeine drink) made from naturally low caffeine 100% arabica beans I roast myself to levels that don't allow some of the caffeine to come out of the grinds. Does that make sense?

A common misconception about espresso is that it is a "caffeine jolt". It isn't. It takes as many as 3 or 4 espressos to give you the equivalent caffeine you find in a 12 oz mug of Nescafe Instant coffee.

But this page isn't about caffeine - it's supposed to be about this site. So here's some details.

Why it exists
CoffeeKid started out as an extension off my personal site,, but soon evolved from that (for more details on the site's history, check out Building CoffeeKid).

CoffeeKid became what it was because back in 1997, there weren't many sites online that had good information about coffee and espresso. Even back then, the venerable Sweet Marias didn't have a proper website - at least not one at the current domain name. Trying to find info on home roasting, espresso, or my machine of choice in those days (Rancilio Silvia) was an exercise in futility.

So I aimed to change that. I had some web design skills, and I brought the ck site to life. and I added to it. And added to it and added to it. It got to be a monster.

Not that I minded much. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of maintaining this site. Hell, I even enjoy (most of the time) all the email it generated and I had to answer. Trust me, if I didn't like this, I wouldn't be doing any of it.

Two key factors that made Coffeekid what it is today were the Rancilio pages (the first Rancilio fan site online!) and the consumer review section we built into the previous version of this site (the consumer reviews all sit over at CoffeeGeek now).

With this current version, I've tried to take the focus back from the "public, consumer" aspect of the site, and move it more towards an individual's site - me being that inidividual. I want to focus on some of my other passions and hobbies, including photography, writing, and maybe even a few non-coffee related things, all on this site. And in the next little while, you'll see a lot more of that.

About me, and those around me
Most of my friends and family do not share my passion for the artistry, culture and taste of espresso and coffee. They also happen to think I'm nuts. That's okay...  I think I'm nuts at times too :) But who am I and who are the people I often talk about on these pages?

Me: Hi there. My name's Mark Prince, and I'm addicted to the artistry, culture and refined taste that a perfect espresso can give me. I live in Vancouver, BC, and I am the Creative Director for WebMotif Net Services, Inc., and the Senior Editor for, the ultimate coffee and espresso information website online. I am in my mid 30s, and I live with my dog Marzocco in a nice 3 bedroom condo in Vancouver.

Beata: My girlfriend, and the love of my life. She loves coffee! Bonus!

Jeanette: My old girlfriend, and still a good friend, and news editor on Any references you may find on this website to her were probably written when her and I were living together as a couple. ;)

Marzocco: The dog, not the machine. Marzocco is my >2 year old (as of May 2005) Border Collie, and a handful!

Mitzy and Teddy: Both Mitzy and Teddy are now gone to doggie heaven. They were my special dogs - Mitzy especially, as the best dog I've ever owned. Teddy was a grumpy guss, rescued from an abusive home, but we loved him very much.

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