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Water Heaters for Christmas!
Water Heaters for Christmas!
Posted January 1, 2007 5:55pm
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Zojirushi Water Heater
Zojirushi CD-LCC30 3litre water heater
... or as they call it, the "Electric Dispensing Pot" is absolutely invaluable in the home that likes press pot coffee, small manual drip machines, or cuppings (and of course, tea)

I honestly don't know how I lived without this thing.

First, some background. Full props to Alistair at Elysian Room in Vancouver - I saw something similar to this in his shop back in the summer; he was using it for water for his americanos pulled off the Synesso machine, and I have to say, I was indifferent to it.

But in the fall, I put it on my Amazon wish list, just more as a reminder to myself than anything else, and wouldn't you know it, some anonymous CoffeeGeek fan went and bought it for me as a Christmas present - I got it the week before Christmas!

Now that I've been using this digitally controlled water heater for a few weeks, I honestly don't know how I went without one. I have the 3 litre size (it's available in a 2 litre, as well as 4 and 5 litres from Zojirushi - Tiger also makes the higher end models), and it's just perfect for home use. Here's how it works.

In essence, this is a kettle / boiler hybrid, and a digitally controlled one. It's not a PID controlled device, but has pretty accurate thermostats. The water coming out of the spout is within 3F of the programmed temperatures.

When you lift the easy-lift lid, inside you see a kind of teflon coated pot or bowl that's part of the machine with a MAX line very visible. Fill water up to that level, and plug the thing in. It has one of those magnetic plugs (btw, Apple didn't invent or innovate the "maglock plug"... these japanese companies doing rice cookers and these digital water heaters did long ago)... plug it in, and it's on. There's no on/off button (more on that later). It takes this particular model about 25 minutes to heat cold tap or spring water to boiling (212F). It will boil for two minutes or so, to "de-chlorinize" the water (so the manual says), then let it float down to one of three temperatures you set - 208F (98C), 195F (95C), or 140F (what, 55C?). Then it keeps the water at that temperature indefinitely.

It's Zojirushi, so it is insulated very well (they're better known for their airpots and thermal carafes). It uses less energy than a lighbulb does (48W at 208F, 38W at 195F) to keep all that water at temperature.

It doesn't have an on/off switch, but does have a "timer". The timer's function is a bit reverse from what we usually see on water or coffee related devices. When you press it, you get your choice of 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 hours... pressing it turns the device off, and it will turn on again in however many hours you selected. So at 10 at night, you can turn the time on for 8 hours, and the unit will turn off, turning back on again automatically at 6am.

This thing has become quickly indispensable for me for cupping coffees, for water for americanos, for press pot coffee, and pretty much any other situation where I need water very, very hot. I have one of those water coolers than do both hot and cold water, but the hot never got hot enough. This definitely does.

So a huge thanks to whoever out there got this for me as a Christmas present!

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