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CoffeeKid Version Two Point Zero
CoffeeKid Version Two Point Zero
Posted March 12, 2002 5:20pm
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Welp, here it is. Warts and all (not that there's many warts at all, except for all the content holes needing to be filled).

First, accept my apologies if you came seeking a specific link or page and you aren't finding it. I'm working hard to port the content from the old site, but with some 480 pages, it will take some time. I am still trying to decide if I want to at least "edit" everything, most things, or leave most of the words as is. Obviously, leaving it as is is easiest because it's just one massive cut and paste job. But when I started porting over the Progression articles I realised they needed a big time rewrite.

Site Launch
I've been planning a major change to the CoffeeKid site since long before we launched CoffeeGeek, and went through several revisions before coming up with this look. Once I settled on this layout, the rest came surprisingly easy - the design seemed just right. And unlike many of the designs I do for my job and personal hobbies, this one is a design I still haven't gotten tired of yet. I guess that's a good thing.

First off, a HUGE, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC thanks to WebMotif's head programmer guru, Wayne Venables, for hooking our company's web integrated publishing system (WIPS) into this site, making "real" if you know what I mean. Wayne did a stellar job, and I thank him for it.

WIPS is going to make maintaining this website very easy. Writing a rant is very much like a "blogger" type experience, in that I use a web interface to author it. The only downside is I don't have a hard copy for my local drive, but I hope to work that out. The upside is this is extremely versatile, and I can even drive content for mobile channels or alternative viewing methods if I want.

So stay tuned. Over the next few weeks, a lot of changes will happen around here, with tons and tons of content - I'm porting a lot over from the old site, but also rewriting a lot of it. And I plan on adding reams and reams of fresh, new content over the next few months. And there will be bugs along the way, and again, I apologise for that. I also had to make some tough decisions on display and layout issues, and for some of you this website may no longer display properly, especially if you're using older technology. I can say that the site works 90% or better in all the current browsers (Netscape 6.2, Internet Exploder 5.5 and above) and in the latest "alternative browsers like Mozilla (0.9.8 is lighting fast and only 7mb) and Opera. If you've enjoyed this website in the past, and are having a difficult time now with it, I sincerely suggest it may be time for a browser upgrade.

Thanks again for your patience, and remember, it's all good. :-)

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