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Anniversary presents and cool spousal types
Anniversary presents and cool spousal types
Posted March 14, 2002 10:05pm
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Well, it's coming slowly. The site that is. I'll have an update below.

Click for larger image
Salter Scale
Significant others are called significant for a reason. Jean bought this for me for our recent anniversary. Pretty cool, huh? Click image to enlarge.

Nifty Anniversary Gift
So the thing to the right is what Jeanette got me for our recent anniversary. All I got her was a crummy dinner and flowers :) This is possibly the most stunning scale you can buy today. Except for maybe this one, which, ironically, was the one she initially bought me last month.

The backstory is this. I think I mentioned how cool the Salter scales were about a year ago to her. I showed her the one that is pictured on this page, but then I sort of forgot it. I assumed she did too.

But get this. She spent a month or more searching Vancouver for a place that sold them. When she found the flat scale (linked above), she thought that was the one, and bought it.

Problem was, this is a larger-capacity scale that is only accurate to about 5 grams or less. Not ideal for homeroasting and measuring for ground coffee, which requires gram (or finer) accuracy. But I didn't say anything. I was still very happy. A couple of days later, I was measuring some coffee and using my older digital scale, an Xact from Royal. She noticed. Asked what was the problem, and I said, well, for measuring 7 grams of coffee, I need the finer gauge. We talked and though I didn't really want to tell her, I did - the scale she picked up, while $$$$ and gorgeous and full of effort on her part, was not exactly what I was looking for.

She wasn't upset, but took it back to the store she bought it from and tried to order the 4001 (pictured above). No joy. So she searched the net, and found it, and ordered it.

It came today. And it is a work of art. I love this stuff. And what the heck, I love her too :)

Site Updates
Early days around here yet, and yes, I know the Rancilio section is sorely missed. Here's a story for you to tide you over.

I considered retiring the section alltogether. Seriously.

But I changed my mind and decided to archive it, as in "not to be updated again", but still hosted on this site. The reason why I was going to take it offline was because I no longer own any Rancilio products (well, I've been half promised some spectacular new machine by Rancilio N. America, but that was some time ago :)), and while I still have a very special memory and fondness for the brand and the products, I was getting a bit tired of my 3+ year role of being Rancilio's unofficial technical support in Canada and the US.

At the peak, I would get as many as 30 or more Rancilio-related questions, queries, requests for advice, purchase help, or just plain "hi there" emails related to Rancilio products - mainly the Silvia and Rocky. Even these days, I get between 5 and 10 Rancilio-related emails. A day. I try to answer most of them, but to be honest I've got a folder on my notebook's desktop that contains about 40 different "canned responses" that answer common questions. And I've done this pretty much steady for some 3 years. I'm not necessarily complaining about this, but I was getting a bit tired of it. I figured retiring the site might be a good idea.

Of course, it's not. Since this site launched a couple of days ago, I've gotten... lessee (checking email) 11 requests for the Rancilio pages. 2 or 3 of the comments on the previous rant also asked for them. There's obviously a demand, and to be honest, the "Cheat Miss Silvia" page was one of the most popular pages on this website.

So the Rancilio pages will come back. Not as many as before, but most of the important stuff. Just please be patient with me. I'm a bit worn out these days :)

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