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Sunday Night Musings
Sunday Night Musings
Posted March 23, 2003 10:35pm
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(Once again) I'd like to apologise for the crawl of this website - it's partly a WIPS issue, partly a host issue. It's being worked on.

So Sundaynight, and I ain't got no party, I drank to much espresso and I just got buzzed... (recognize the song?). I just wrapped up the next Detailed Review for CoffeeGeek, it's almost "put to bed" as it were, I'm just waiting on verification of a few of the solicited commentary before it goes live (should be by Tuesday). Wanna Sneak Peak? I'll show you three of the best, and the worst:

Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image Click for larger image
Reg Barber Tamper
Reg wins by a hair!
Presso Tamper
The Presso was aclose shave second (by 0.25 out of 8)
Lava Deluxe Tamper
Coming in third, the green Lava!
Gourmet Espresso
A distant last was this "unique" model.

Other News
I'm also furiously wrapping up the First Look (finally) for the Expobar Office Pulser (provided by Whole Latte Love, the Isomac Millenium (provided by Chris Coffee, and the detailed review for the Isomac Zaffiro (also provided by Chris Coffee). All three are pretty much final, but the words aren't cohesive yet, and the photos need some last minute photoshoppin'.

The SCAA Trade Show is coming up WAY too fast. Here's some of the stuff I've done in the last week with regards to my participation in the event:

  • Coordinated with my committee (Consumer Marketing Commitee) to get a special Sunday social planned and scoped out. It's going to be two hours, 4 to 6 pm, at an as-of-yet undetermined location, hopefully with free snacks and maybe a drink or two. Some "stars" of the coffee world, including Ken Davids (author), Joe Monaghan, and others have been invited (others is a lot - I just don't want to mention names until they're committed).

  • Made plans for pretty much every minute of my time in Boston during the show, from Thursday to the following Tuesday. I'm actually in Boston the Tuesday before the show, but that's Jeanette time (she's coming along). Plans include: judging in a Barista competition, giving one seminar and emcee'ing a second one, attending a special dinner, organizing a special breakfast, charting out which seminars and training tracks I want to cover for the website, organizing my video and photography time, and more.

  • Working on finalizing the plans for what should be a two hour "tour" of the SCAA floor with Ken Davids and SCAA eMembers on Monday. It should take place 1 to 3 pm Monday of the show (so alties and eMembers - make sure you're there Monday!) I'm going to try and video tape the event.

  • Getting Help from people on covering the show. I need the help of two people to cover events for CoffeeGeek in a news capacity. There's a chance you can get into the show (and special events) for free. Requirements are that a) you must have good note-taking skills, b) have a digital camera, c) are a good writer, and d) can submit stories and photos in "real time" (aka same day) at the show. More details found here.

Still other coffee news
Espresso and coffee is pretty much my life these days. Here's some other things of note from this past week.

  • Plowed ahead with major modifications to the software that runs CoffeeGeek to get it running faster and more efficient for the site visitors. We've put aside the now-overdue revamp of the site's look and feel for now, until we get the speed issues dealt with.

  • Finally posted some video from a shoot I did at Caffe Artigiano last fall of their amazing latte art skills. It's only a taste of what's to come. You can download it here by right clicking and saving the QuickTime .mov file to your hard drive, but be warned, it's 8megs in size.

  • Inneresin' Blends did what I call "mystery blending" this week - I have roughly 12 bags of coffee (from 100g to several pounds' worth) that for one reason or another I've lost the labels to - it's mystery green. I sniff, look at it, try to guess what it is, then roast and blend. This week, I actually hit upon a spicy, cinnamony and cabbage-like (YES, cabbage) blend that is actually pretty damned good as an espresso. I only wish I knw what was in the four coffees I mixed.

Well, that's about it for this time around. Man, I thought these would be shorter!

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