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Okay, you asked for it - Mark is Revealed!
Okay, you asked for it - Mark is Revealed!
Posted April 21, 2002 10:15pm
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Camera Didn't Break?
Okay you PITAs out there... here you go. Grr. I hate my picture. Click to enlarge and be scared.

I'm doing this under duress. Distress. Pain.

I can't believe how many people wrote in their comments over at the CoffeeGeek Big Time Innova Contest and Questionnaire that they wanted to see my picture. Wanted a photograph of me. Man, every woman who wrote comments (almost) asked for it, and a bunch of guys too, including Chris Pirillo, who I know has a secret crush on me :-P

Well you bloodsuckers, you leeches, you loaches (wait, I like loaches. You folks are not loaches!), I hope you're happy! Damnit! I risked causing major damage to a bloody expensive digicam to get this picture for you. I give and I give and I give... sigh.

heh heh heh.

Sorry. It's just that I absolutely, positively, definitely do not like my picture being taken. There. That's the truth. At the upcoming SCAA, I am worried that I will cause "issues" each and every time I will have to politely ask people not to snap my pic at various social functions. It's bound to happen.

I just do not like my photo taken. Call it a phobia, call it a "ooo, he thinks the camera will steal his spirit!", call it whatever. I just don't like it. I like taking the pictures, not having them taken of me.

Reminds me of the time I was interviewed on a major sports station after a game, and froze on camera. Sigh. Anyway, enough of that. There's the photo. This will be the last one of me I'll post for some time. :) And in other news...

More Coffees in the House!
You know, I get this funky cool mojo new bigass roaster in the house, and wouldn't you know it, for the past 10 days or so, I've had over 5lbs of roasted coffee mailed to me.

Not that I am complaining at all... I'm most definitely not. Several vendors have sent me samples of their wares, and I want to give them a good micro review right here, right on these pages.

But I'm still too traumatized by the camera incident. I'll have to save it for a few days from now (besides... I can't find my bloody notes. Grr.).

Till next time. Enjoy my suffering. :)

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