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News and economics about this site, and info about my personal site
News and economics about this site, and info about my personal site
Posted May 2, 2001 11:40am
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Sorry folks, a long draught between rants on this site.

Running the CoffeeKid Site
As you know (because I've been whining about it) the CoffeeKid site is very popular. Too popular in fact (but don't get me wrong - I appreciate it and am really humbled by all the people who like the site). The costs of running this site, working out hosting deals, etc have gone up again, and this hobby site which I run with no advertising and no income. To give you an idea of the traffic this site gets, in an average week it is viewed by around 17,000 unique visitors who load about 44,000 pages, and cause about 375,000 "hits" on the address. The bandwidth for last week alone was 1018433.86 kilobytes according to the weekly stats report I get (and last week's visit count was low - only 13,200 visitors).

Because of this, I've had to start thinking about ways to at least recoup some of my hosting costs - it is getting too expensive to run this site. Advertisements are completely out - I have no desire to ever run "ads" on this site. But how else to do it? I came up with two solutions - setting up an Amazon bookstore, and (eventually) setting up a PayPal "donation" account button.

The bookstore, which you can reach by clicking the button to the left under the main menu (note, the bookstore is in the Other Stuff section of my site today, features a list of books and other items related to coffee and espresso. Some are absolute must haves, like Schomer's book on Espresso Techniques, or (IMO), William Uker's book, All About Coffee. I've also listed some coffee related merchandise that I feel comfortable listing - I won't list anything I don't think is useful or worth the money (one slight exception - the frother, which I have never used, but seems to be something many people ask for). Anyway, if you visit the bookstore and decide to buy one of the books, you'll be tossing 50 cents or a buck my way, and will be helping to maintain this site.

The other option I'll have up soon is the PayPal "Donation" button. I can't put it up today because PayPal isn't rolling out this service for Canadians till this summer, but I'm hoping the generosity of some of the site visitors will be enough to help with the costs of running this site. I'm thinking of setting three donation levels - a buck, five dollars, and ten dollars. I'll keep the link as uninstrusive as possible, but I hope you don't mind it too much. I need to do something, or I won't be able to afford this site much longer.

Addendum. added May 6, 2001: For some reason, a couple of people have written me proclaiming the above numbers-count is a lie. Why they would do this is beyond me. At first I wasn't going to address it, but I would be lying if I said it didn't disturb and sadden me. I'm not lying about the numbers, and I have no reason to be - I'm not trying to fool advertisers that my numbers are artificially high, or trying to run a scam. Anyway, this has bothered me enough to address it here.

New Personal Site Launched
In other news, I recently relaunched my personal site, which had been sitting languishing for over a year. It can be found at and is now run by my company's web content management software (called WIPS), which allows me to update it on the fly, from anywhere.

Right now the site is very much in beta mode, but I'm adding content to it every day until it's brimming full. Stay tuned to it, if you want to find out about interests I have outside the world of coffee and espresso (are there any, you ask? :-)).

Till next time, thanks for stopping by!

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