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Apology for the guilt trip, and a Rossi grinder update
Apology for the guilt trip, and a Rossi grinder update
Posted June 12, 2001 9:55am
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Uhm. Wow. I guess the guilt trip worked. There's now 12 orders pending and some 300 click thorough to the Amazon store.

And I fell like crap. I didn't intend to guilt trip you all. I was only dismayed at the numbers - 89 visitors to the Amazon store click through thing in 30 days. I didn't mean everyone should buy stuff! Yikes. I mean, I had people emailing me asking if a La Pavoni was a good machine to buy because they wanted to help me out! Others were wondering if the KitchenAid, a huge expense, was "worth it", because they would buy it "if it would help you (i.e., me) out".

Man.... this sucks. This feeling I have.

Let me try to get this thing into words. See, the CoffeeKid site was supposed to be just my little hobby site. Just a little slice on the Net where I could espouse on my love for the bean. It turned into more, especially with the reviews section, and I'm constantly grateful, humbled, and thankful that so many people enjoy and use the website. I never wanted to run ads or anything on the site - it goes against my ethos as to what a "hobby" site should be. I recently chastised a dude in a local newsgroup for running tons of popup ads on a site that was supposed to be a consumer complaints site for people pissed off at Future Shop ([ I have experience with[x] - scroll to the bottom of the linked page)... in the end, he was just trying to make a buck in a rather unethical manner, at least in my opinion.

I don't feel right making a solitary dime off this website. No matter how popular it is. Plans are in the work for a new information site about coffee that will run advertisements, but until that site launches, this is what I got, and no ads. But the costs are digging a bit. As I mentioned previously, what I pay for this site's hosting can buy me a Livia90 in under a year.

Wait. I don't want to get into that again. I feel like crap. Partially a bad day, partially because here I am, guilt tripping people into doing stuff they probably don't want to do. I didn't mean for it to be like that. I don't want people to buy a Pavoni piston machine just to have a few bucks sent my way. I don't want people loading up their kitchen counters with a KitchenAid mixer for the sole reason of helping this site out.

The only thing I wanted was, if you were already planning on getting a book, a cd, heck, a La Pavoni Romantica, was that, if you remembered, just click through the link on this site to make the already-planned-for purchase. Heck, I'm doing it with every Amazon purchase I make now :-) (it's kind of weird - it's like a self-kickback system I gots goin' here - I already made myself about $40... but I had to spend about $400 to do it :-)).

Anyway, two things I wanna say then I'm not going to bring up this subject again, at least until Paypal has the donation thing working for us lowly Canadians (and the donations are gonna be 1 buck and 2 bucks only - no more! it's hard enough for me to ask for that charity)... first, a very sincere, humble, and gracious thank you to everyone who wants to help me out with the costs for this site. You've really made me feel good (at the same time I feel bad - ironic, ain't it) and made me realise that this effort truly is worth it. Second, I don't want anyone to feel pressure to have to buy stuff just to help me out. I didn't mean the guilt trip, and in retrospect, I really should have waited a few days before writing the last rant - I was in a shitty mood at the time.

Oh, one more thought. I just spoke with my significant, and very much more rational other, Jeanette. She says viewing the Paypal thing as charity (my words) is really wrong. I should view it as people enjoying the site, and just wanting to "pay" for the enjoyment they had. I guess that's a cool way of looking at it. Kind of like this site will become a "shareware" kind of thing. Yeah.... I can see that.

Okay, enough heartstrings stuff. Some nooz:

Rossi, lookin HUGE!

Rossi RR45 Grinder update.
Did I mention that Barry Jarrett is indeed a King of a Fella? (he can't be a prince of a fella - that's me). The Bar-supplied Rossi is doing well, looking mighty damned impressive and huuuuuge, and still giving me fits in the kitchen.

I'm still trying my damnedest to get this puppy tuned in. As I wrote in the previous rant, I must have pwashience, gwasshoppah. But after almost 3 weeks, I'm only getting a few god shots here and there.

One thing about the Rossi. Everything on it can be bought as a spare part. Sweet. In fact too sweet. I'm seriously tempted to order several parts for it, including spares for down the road. But cash is a little tight right now, I have to save for my Excellent European Adventure, V.2 coming this fall, and I have to cut back on my expenditures, so I've made a pact with myself - no accessories for 6 months.

Tuning this thing in is all a matter of understanding the grind, the timing, and what the "clicks" allow me to do. I have the 40 click version (there is an 80click hop up I can do, but I have to wait 6 months), so I have to get comfortable with what those 40 clicks (or more realistically, the 4-5 click variance I'm playing with) will do, and when I should dial them in. One thing that I'm disliking a bit with the grinder is how hard it is to see what click setting I'm at. I'm tempted to paint the raised numbers white or something so I can see it more clearly.

Anyway, the seeking continues. And hey, a shout out and hi to one of the original seekers, David Bogie, who emailed me yesterday after a bit of an online absence. David recently bought a new house, so congrats David, and thanks for staying in touch.

Till next time, thanks for stopping by!

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