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Hearthware, JJ Bean, Rancilio N. America, and more news
Hearthware, JJ Bean, Rancilio N. America, and more news
Posted July 8, 2001 7:00pm
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Lotsa News
I have a ton of news today, so let's get right into it.

Hearthware Gourmet on Sale
Hey, were you thinking of getting yourself a coffee roaster? Now's the time - Hearthware is currently promo'ing their older roaster, the capable Gourmet model, for $45USD plus shipping. Excellent price for a very good mechanical roaster.

Rancilio N. America Ramps Up
Had a very nifty phone call with one of the top guys at Rancilio North America, a relatively new organization that is primed to change Rancilio's North American representation for the better. Most of the convo was confidential, but what I can say is I was left with a very good feeling about where the company was headed, and exciting things are planned for Rancilio in the home and commercial market for the next few years. This news is also good for Canadians, as there is no longer a monopoly in Canada for Rancilio products - Rancilio N.A. is moving in.

JJ Beans in the House
Aaron from JJ Bean, a Vancouver micro-roastery recently paid me a visit and dropped off some different selections of their roasted beans. I'm seriously thrilled about this on a lot of different levels. Aaron is very much from the "Schomer / Illy / Nouveau Espresso" camp (though he does differ in opinions with Schomer on some issues), and besides me, is probably one of the more dedicated espresso enthusiasts in the Lower Mainland. I'll be doing an extensive review of their beans, the company's philosophy, and where they appear to be headed in my next rant.

New Sites Planned.
Yes, the vapourware known as is almost set to launch (ed.note - not vaporware any longer! ). I'm not kidding. We've been workin furiously on it for two months now, and there is so much functionality and complicated programming built into it, you won't believe it until you see it. We're scheduling a closed beta test for the end of July, with an August live launch. Other sites in the planning stages include CafeNews.Com (a domain I recently bought, which will most likely point to CoffeeGeek), and which will feature all things Livia90. This one I'm excited about. I've been writing up content for that site for two weeks now on my Palm Vx, and now on my iPaq, and I have probably 6,000 words or more typed already. Everything from history, linkage etc to tips and tricks and photos will be featured. At first I was going to run it as a section on CoffeeKid, but now I'm going to run it as its own site with its own design. Look for this in August or early September.

There's tons of other news, but I suppose I should save them for another rant.

In the meantime, I have a shout outs - I want to thank Barry Jarrett again for the grinder, but also for the recent posting he made in in response to a query I had about boiler pressures and their equiv. water temperature settings. It took a long time (I imagine) for Barry to type out the response with a detailed table, and I just wanted to say thanks here. That info was something I needed for the aforementioned LiviaCafe site, so it is much appreciated.

And in other news, a topic of contention of late is whether or not live eBay auctions should be posted to the newsgroup There are many reasons why lots of people don't like this - primary is that once an item is mentioned on, bidding for said item usually goes through the roof. This is especially true for rare items or items mislabeled, and only found through some good search techniques. In the past I've been burned by this posting behaviour - I once found a Faberware Coffee Robot #505, from the 30s in mint condition, but listed as a Farberware percolator, without any mention of it being a vac pot. I sat on it, and waited to bid until the last day when I figured it might go for as low as $50 or so. Someone (no names, no names) went and posted a "hey, lookit what I found!" post in the day before the auction closed, and guess what - the Robot skyrocketed and closed at over $180. I am still a bit miffed at this. It was my own effort sifting through dozens upon dozens of web pages at eBay finding this thing, and then all of a sudden, 1000s of people were made aware of it through one simple posting.

This is the main reason why posting these auctions really pisses many people off. Some argue that they should have the right to post live auctions because it's a "service" to their fellow readers, but I don't buy that for a second. All I know is, it pisses many participants off. Now, why would someone do something they know will anger many? You've got me.

In the meantime, I don't post live auctions, and my own personal eBay credo is I won't bid against anyone I know in an auction - if they got there first, it's theirs.

Till next time, thanks for stopping by!

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