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Coffee Coffee
there are so many ways to create things with the coffee bean. most are hot, many are ways you never thought possible.
Hario Manual Cloth Drip Drip Coffee
Drip coffee sometimes gets maligned - I'm as big a cause of that as anyone - but it can be simply amazing, when done right. [ more ]
Updated March 10, 2002.
Maestro grinder with cup Grinder Revisited
Just as grinders are important for espresso, they have a major impact on the quality of all other brewing methods. Grinder mantra is real. [ more ]
Updated March 10, 2002.
Bodum Chambord Press Pot Press Pots
It was my introduction into quality coffee in my own country - press pots can be "all that" when it comes to a quality brew. [ more ]
Updated March 10, 2002.
Coffee Resources Coffee Resources
Looking for a link to explore or some other interesting site. I've collected a wide range of coffee links inside - check them out. [ more ]
Updated March 10, 2002.
Closeup of Hario Vacuum Brewers
Vacuum brewed coffee (also known as syphon coffee) is the most unique and pleasing way to brew coffee outside of espresso. [ more ]
Updated March 10, 2002.

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