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Coffee Progression
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Several other places within this website I use the term "coffee nirvana" or "espresso nirvana". To a person who values a cup of Nescafe instant, those terms might be a bit over the top, but if you've made it this far into my site, I'm going to guess you're as big a coffee hound as I am, or perhaps more. So Nirvana it is. Enough philosophizing, Let's do some pontification!

I am a coffee snob, but that doesn't mean I'll turn down a cuppa joe with a buddy at their place, or while I'm in public. I'm just snobby when it comes to my own prep of coffee. I expect near perfection in my own cups, shots, and cappas. How did I get this way? It was a long road.

Parts in this Section
The Nescafe Beginnings The Gaggia Years
What was good enough for my Dad should be good enough for me, right? I didn't know until I went to Europe... [ more ] I bought a used Baby Gaggia in the local classifieds. How I loved this machine. I mean it. I was intrigued by it. I tinkered with it. I sure do miss it. [ more ]
Going Krups Novo Hello Miss Silvia!
By 1998, I knew it was time to get back into the good stuff. I was spending too much loonies on cafe espresso. I wanted it in the home again. [ more ] I should have been happy with the Novo, I really should have. But no, I wanted more. Enter Miss Silvia, Stage Right. [ more ]
Rockys and Vacuums Livia Kicks Silvia Out of the House
Silvia was rocking, but not rocking, if you know what I mean - she needed Rocky. And I needed to get a new old product I saw for the very first time - a vac pot. [ more ] Soon, I felt the need to upgrade, and one machine seemed the very natural choice: the Pasquini Livia. How was the introduction? [ more ]

(note, this section is not complete yet).

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