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looking for homeroasting tips? it's here. illy cups? here too. other brewing methods? it's all here.
Roma Aeterna Cup Illy Art Collection Cups
Oh boy do I love Illy collection cups! For me, they symbolise the completion of the circle when one defines espresso as art. Come on in and see more about illy. [ more ]
Updated July 8, 2007.
CoffeeKid's Bookstore!
Hey brother, spare a linkthru? Shop at the CoffeeKid bookstore and coffee shop, and help support the costs of this website. [ more ]
Updated January 1, 2007.
Love and hate What I love and dont' love about Coffee
Being exposed as I am to this whole business of coffee, there are many things to love, and some things to really not like in this business. Here's where I expose the dirt. [ more ]
Updated May 4, 2003.
home roasting Home Roasting Coffee
Home roasting my own coffee was initially done to save money. Little did I know it would give me some of the most amazing coffee, ever. [ more ]
Updated January 24, 2005.
Newbie's Guide to Coffee and Espresso Newbies' Guide to Coffee & Espresso Equipment
New to coffee or espresso? Not sure what machine to buy? This is the ultimate guide for you! [ more ]
Updated October 9, 2002.

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