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Welcome to the CoffeeKid bookstore. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for considering us when making your Amazon purchases. Each time a book is bought from this page, you toss me 50 cents, 75 cents in kickback fees, but it doesn't cost you any extra - you pay the same price as if you shopped at Amazon on your own, without clicking these links. Every little bit helps.

If you don't see anything here you wish to buy, but still shop at Amazon, you can also help out this site by clicking this link to Amazon for all your general shopping there.

Newest Books
(as of May, 2006)
I've added a few new books to the list. Most of these I've bought and own.

Espresso: Culture and Cuisine Start a Coffee Bar Cafe and Coffee Shops 2 Coffee Basics
Espresso: Culture and Cuisine
A nice small book that deals more with the artistry and mystique that surrounds espresso. $10.47
Start & Run a Coffee Bar
I met Tom Matzen, the author of this Self Counsel book, and he's one of the most respected specialists in this highly specialized field. $16.95
Cafes & Coffee Shops: 2
This is a great book for anyone who loves the inside of a cafe, or for businesses looking for ideas on how to spruce up their shop. $27.95
Coffee Basics
A primer guide by Kevin Knox, this book is a must have for anyone serious about coffee. Kevin is a very respected person in the biz. $12.57
Too Much Coffee Man The Book of Coffee Complete Guide to Coffee New Complete Coffee Book
TMCM: Parade of Tirade
Shannon Wheeler is at it again with this compilation of TMCM cartoon strips. A must have for coffee freaks! $10.36
The Book of Coffee
Lots of photos, lots of research, and lots of work went into this book. Great reference. $35.00
Complete Guide to Coffee
This book is both awesome, and a  bit wanting - it is chok full of photos, how tos, recipes, history, culture and the like, but is a bit short on the precise expert stuff. I recommend it though! $13.97
New Complete Coffee Book
Another great all purpose book on the subject of coffee. Amazing photos, great gift for someone discovering quality coffee. $11.87

Espresso Equipment
These are machines that I have a lot of confidence in recommending. In many cases, I've tested these products myself. Clicking these links and purchasing through the CoffeeKid store helps defer the costs of this site and the website.

Rancilio Silvia Solis SL-70 Krups XP4000
Rancilio Silvia
The one that really started the whole trend towards a quality espresso machine in the home, and the best selling upscale espresso machine of all time.
Solis Crema SL-70
This is one of the standard bearers in the CoffeeGeek lab - it has awesome steaming ability, and its sub $400 price point has a lot to offer.
$375 or less.
Zojirushi Water Heater
How did I manage to live without one of these things. Digitally controlled water heating device that keeps 3litres of water at 98C (208F)... absolutely constant. Great for cuppings, for americano hot water (much better than the boiler) and of course, for people who like (ugh) tea.
$180 or less.
KitchenAid Proline Espresso Espressione Retro Bodum Granos
KitchenAid Proline Espresso
Yes, a dual boiler machine available for less than a grand, and it's made by KitchenAid. Interior parts are Gaggia, and steam's a bit underpowered, but nice features!
$900 or less on sale.
Espressione Retro
Looking for the style and performance (actually better performance) of the Francis! Francis! lineup, but at a better price? This is the machine for you.
$350 or less.
Bodum Granos
Bodum's first entry into the pump espresso market is a bold one, with very unique styling and great features - and a price that can't be beat.
Gaggia Lever Krups XP4050 Solis SL-90
Gaggia Lever Machine
Want a La Pavoni lever machine for about $150 less than the La Pavoni price? This is the machine for you then. This is the Europiccola, but in a Gaggia branding.
$450 or less.
Krups XP4050
Actually even better than the XP4000 machine, and with automatic controls as well. Nice machine, and Krups is on the move upwards in quality.
$290 (cheapest auto out there!)
Solis Crema SL-90
Another automatic (press a button and it brews a predetermined volume of liquid), this is the venerable and tested standard. Great machine!
Gaggia Carezza Espressione Grace La Pavoni
Gaggia Carezza
Here's an insider tip - the Carezza may be one of the lowest priced Gaggias, but it has the same parts as the $400+ machines. Great budget buy.
$190 or less.
Espressione Grace
A bit more features than the Retro, and a bit more in price, but still a great sub $400 machine that is backed up by some excellent after sales service.
La Pavoni Europiccola
Even though I recommend the Gaggia lever above, there still only is one La Pavoni - and I think this one looks better than the Gaggia anyway ;)

You just cannot have decent espresso in the home without a good grinder. In fact, I've made better espresso with a $300 grinder and a $200 machine than I have with a $40 grinder and a $4,500 espresso machine. Here's my recommendations.

Rancilio Rocky KitchenAid Proline Grinder Solis Maestro Plus
Rancilio Rocky Doser
Rancilio is the standard bearer in both grinders and espresso machines, and the Rocky is venerable, tested, and true.
KitchenAid Proline Grinder
A favourite in the CG Lab, this is a well built and durable grinder that does equally well as a press grinder or espresso. The only knock is the lack of adjustments.
$180 or less.
Considered the "budget leader" around here, the Solis Maestro Plus is a great all purpose grinder.
Ascaso Grinder Baratza Virtuoso Rancilio Rocky Chute
Ascaso Grinder
Available in a chute and doser model, this grinder out of Spain offers stepless grind adjustments and a cool look. Available in black, red and silver.
Baratza Virtuoso
The latest and greatest grinder from the folks at Baratza (the designers of the Solis Maestro grinders). Featuring an all new burr set, DC motor, and more selections, this is state of the art for a multipurpose grinder.
Rancilio Rocky Chute
Some people just prefer a chute design over a doser model, and a few years back, Rancilio complied by releasing the Rocky grinder in a chute model.

More Books
These are great books, though some have limited availability.

Uncommon Grounds Espresso Techniques Espresso Chemistry of Quality All About Coffee
Uncommon Grounds
Amazingly detailed book on the history of coffee in the USA, with some info on the rest of the world. A must read. $12.60!
Espresso Coffee: Professional Techniques
This is one of the must read books for any espresso enthusiast. Written by David Schomer, the PNW's main espresso god. $27.95
Espresso Coffee: The Chemistry of Quality
edited by Andrea Illy, this book is considered one of two absolute must have books for people seeking the perfect espresso. Very technical. $34.95.
All About Coffee
Written in 1935, is considered the second of two absolute must haves for people seeking a deeper understanding of the beverage they love. Exhaustively researched.$104.50.
Ken David's Espresso Book Ken David's Home Roast Book The Coffee Book
Espresso: Ultimate Coffee
Ken Davids just released an updated version of his much-published Espresso Tome. 2nd Edition. $12.76.
Home Coffee Roasting
The bible for home roasters, and a great way to get your feet wet in this excellent hobby. $12.76.
Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing and Enjoying
Complete the Ken Davids Triumvirate with this purchase. Ken covers all aspects of coffee, including history, trends, and more. $12.76.
The Coffee Books
A complete view of the coffee industry, from the crops planted to the roaster and the cafe you buy it from. $11.96.
Espresso! Starting a Coffee Business
Joe Monaghan's book on how to set up and run a successful espresso bar! $13.56
Too Much Coffee Man's Amusing Musings
Shannon Wheeler's excellent comic strip (started online) made into a book Must Buy! $10.36
The Devils Cup: A History of Coffee
An interesting look at the world of coffee and how coffee may have shaped the western civilization. $12.95
Confessions of a Coffee Bean
A detailed look at coffee cuisine and culture, complete with recipes, and more. $12.95

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