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coffee and espresso can be photogenic. at other times, you just want to express "how" to do certain things, and only photographs will do.
Random Artistic Photos Random Artistic Photos, Vol 1
I have so many coffee related photos on my hard drive - each time I review a product, 100s of photos get shot. But some are my favourites. Here they are. [ more ]
Updated May 16, 2003.
Cup Collection, Volume 1 Collection of Cups, Volume 1
My first "cup series" photos, this one shows about 20 different cups that I've collected over the years. [ more ]
Updated December 28, 2002.
Cup Collection, Volume 2 Cup Collection, Volume 2
Second series of my cup collections, this time around it features some neat Japanese cups, some Bodum stylin', and more. [ more ]
Updated March 17, 2002.

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