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Question Date
How much has Dr. Ernesto Illy contributed to espresso science? Feb 4, 2008
How much does Mark suck for not updating Dec 8, 2005
Simple one: Are you in the coffee biz or not? Apr 15, 2004
Do you own a vacuum brewer coffee maker? Jan 14, 2004
Do you own illy collector cups Dec 9, 2003
Do you own a high quality professional tamper? Oct 14, 2003
Based on actual taste or what you read, who makes the best espresso blend? Aug 29, 2003
What's the proper size for a single espresso? Jul 24, 2003
We're getting a new purebred Border Collie puppy! What should we name her? Jul 20, 2003
What's the most you'd pay for a La Marzocco "Consumer" Machine? May 4, 2003
What would you like to see me cover at the SCAA Show? Mar 30, 2003
So what did you get for Christmas? Jan 7, 2003
What are you hoping Santa brings for Christmas? Dec 12, 2002
What seems to go best with coffee? Oct 12, 2002
What's your summer coffee and espresso drinking habits? Jul 12, 2002
The red collectors cup, pictured above, is a symbol of Jun 19, 2002
Do you brew coffee with a vacuum brewer? Jun 10, 2002
Putting sugar in my espresso makes me a May 29, 2002
How many cups of coffee, espresso, or similar do you have a day? May 21, 2002
Starbucks is May 7, 2002
Will you be going to the SCAA show this weekend? Apr 30, 2002
A weird one: Tell me what to drink first thing this coming Wednesday: Apr 28, 2002
Would you ever consider buying a super automatic espresso machine (for home or office)? Apr 19, 2002
What major coffee purchase do you plan for the next six months? Apr 13, 2002
What is your favourite brewing method for coffee? Apr 6, 2002
What do you think of the Alien cup, pictured above? Mar 29, 2002
What do you consider "expensive" for an espresso machine? Mar 22, 2002
Revised: What section of CoffeeKid would you like rebuilt first? Mar 18, 2002
What section of the CoffeeKid site would you like to see rebuilt first? Mar 16, 2002
What do you think of the new website? Mar 13, 2002

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